Nothilfe für Malawi

Dank Ihrer großzügigen Spenden konnten z.B. Nahrungsmittel für die betroffenen Menschen erworben werden: 

Ein Bericht von Father Mac Donald:

"I am happy to quickly report that today this afternoon I have distributed food to 80 beneficiaries in Blantyre.

Out of the 80, 50 benefited from the first funds and 30 have benefited from the funds from confirmation class.

There was a big group of people at the distribution place who were escorted by their villages chiefs. People were selected based on the need, from different villages and religion was not considered in the selection.

I bought 160 bags of maize flower which is our staple food here. Each bag weighs 10 kilograms. The prices have gone so much crazy high because of high inflation rate and the fall of Malawi Kwacha last week. But I thank God that we had enough to buy the food and hire a pick up truck to transport the food. The food was bought in Blantyre City and transport to the place, 60 kilometers also. 

Each beneficiaries has gone away with 2 bags which is 20 kilograms. I was happy to see the elderly receiving their potions with gladness that they will have food. Some women with little children also gave me joy that the food will also benefit the children. From the pictures you will see the mixture of the people.

On our way from the city we had flat tires twice and this delayed our journey. At some place within the city we had to offload some bags in order to make the truck light so that we could change the tyre. I will send a separate email with pictures of the load and the breakdown. Upon reaching the distribution place another tyre also was damaged and it took long to find solution. But we thank God that we have been able to move out after struggles. Am in Blantyre city tonight and will travel tomorrow back to MANGOCHI.

The beneficiaries through one of the village chiefs send their gratitude to you all and the confirmation class for the generous gift of food which will make a big difference in their family lives. They say A BIG THANK YOU to you all. They say may you live longer so that you can continue helping people in need.

I join them to thank every one who contributed towards this. It may look look simple but it makes a very big impact in someone’s life.

Receive greetings from Malawi ana we are celebrating our 59th Independence anniversary today.